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Versus Laser aims to be your preferred clinic for dermatological and cosmetic treatments in the Toronto area. In order to maintain this position and offer all the services and treatments our clients need, we perform constant research on the newest and best developments in the market. The most recent addition to our services portfolio is the OxyGeneo™.

OxyGeneo™ incorporates the patented OxyGeneo™ technology, which results in an unparalleled treatment that renders skin smoother and younger-looking. Everyone who’s already tried it says that it is better than microdermabrasion and that the results are visible from the very first session. What makes this treatment so effective is its 3 in 1 innovative formula that encompasses:

  • The benefits of microdermabrasion exfoliation. Just like microdermabrasion, OxyGeneo™ exfoliates the derma (upper level of the skin) as a preparation for receiving nutrients and other agents that stimulate the natural collagen production.
  • Essential skin-revitalizing nutrients that rejuvenate the skin deeply. OxyGeneo™ contains Capsugen, an exclusive formula that performs two actions: cleans the skin deeply and infuses it with active ingredients that are rich in nutrients. According to the needs of each patient, the cosmetologist performing the treatment will use either NeoRevive™ for skin rejuvenation or NeoBright™ for its anti-aging effects.
  • Skin oxygenation from within, with added healing effect. OxyGeneo™ ensures a greater degree of active ingredients than any other treatment; it does so by producing CO2 bubbles at the very surface of the skin. The skin generates a physiological response to CO2 and increases the capillary flow, as well as the metabolism by sending blodd rich in oxygen right where it is needed.

OxyGeneo™ Technology Before and After Photos

Dark Spots Lightened

Brightened & Refined

Smoothed Skin

Visible Smoothing

Skin Texture

Fine Lines

In a nutshell, it can be said that OxyGeneo™ is a complete treatment that acts on all levels of the skin in order to reduce the effects of aging and reveal a firm and youthful-looking skin.  For even better and targeted results, OxyGeneo™ uses two distinct formulas for distinct conditions:

  • The NeoBright formula is designed specifically for lightening the skin complexion and neutralizing the damage caused by the sun (mainly spots and pigmentation). In order to do so, NeoBright leverages its power from its ingredients: azelaic acid (the best known treatment for hyper-pigmentation), kojic acid (a natural agent that helps with lightening the skin) and the world’s best active ingredient for the stimulation of natural collagen production, retinol (essential in the anti-aging fight).
  • The NeoRevive formula, on the other hand, is designed to actively fight wrinkles and fine lines, as well as to revitalize the dull complexion that most people over 35 years old complain about. NeoRevive’s ingredients are: hyaluronic acid (normally produced by the skin itself; but, as we get older, the production decreases, so we need extra amounts from outside sources in order to keep our skin smooth and wrinkle-free), peptides (introduced in order to repair the skin and help it retain fluids that, in turn, contribute to generating extra volume and reducing wrinkles) and retinol (that helps the anti-aging fight by stimulating the collagen production).

OxyGeneo 3 - in - 1 super facial

OxyGeneo™ has great results in the following areas:

  • Hydrating and plumping the skin
  • Reducing hyper-pigmentation and other skin damages that are related to sun exposure
  • Restoring skin’s volume
  • Increasing the skin’s natural production of collagen
  • Reducing the wrinkles and fine lines, as well as other signs of aging

Perhaps one of the most important innovations that OxyGeneo™ brings to the table is the fact that, unlike in any other existing treatments, anyone can be a candidate and get optimal results. Irrespective of ethnicity, skin color or age, OxyGeneo™ is efficient and its results can be observed immediately after the first session. Even more, people who scar easily and could previously not undergo microdermabrasion, for instance, can safely and with great results enjoy the benefits of OxyGeneo™.

Call Versus Laser today and schedule your first session of OxyGeneo™ treatment. Be among the first to gain a more radiant and youthful-looking skin in your favorite clinic. You don’t need to worry about downtime, as OxyGeneo™ requires none. Even if you have a big event coming up in the next few days, you can have your first session and attend your event the very next looking more beautiful than ever.