If you are an individual who has struggled with insecurities in regards to bothersome acne or burn scars, hyper pigmentation, aged skin, stretch marks, or other surface cosmetic imperfections, welcome to the club – unfortunately, many individuals have reduced confidence as a result of such distressing disfigurements. Luckily, Versus Laser Clinic understands and can offer an enticing solution for you – collagen induction therapy. This fancy medical term refers to repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles to create a flawless and smooth surface!

The Dermaroller® therapy is one of the most successful minimal invasive treatment concepts providing an improvement of the skin texture, partcularly to every type of scars. The method of micro-needling is established for several years as a gentle and safe method for skin tightening, improving skin texture and scar therapy. It has found his way by the term collagen inducton therapy (CIT) or percutaneous collagen therapy (PCI) into the medical literature. The collagen induction therapy has proven to be a quasi side-effect free form of treatment to improve skin structure. The eDermastamp procedures take advantage of the body’s own regeneration process by stimulating cell proliferation that results in new collagen formations. The epidermis is improved in thickness and transparency.

The advanced aesthetic technology which is responsible for producing these stellar results is called the eDermastamp (Developed by Dermaroller). It is a German-based skin rejuvenation method which is possibly one of the most innovative treatment options in the industry today. It is affordable, non-invasive, and the skin has a very short inflammatory reaction following the treatment session (12-24 hours), which is fantastic considering the indisputable benefits of the treatment. Results will be seen instantly, but the propelled synthesis and production of collagen naturally by the body as a result of the treatment will continue to gradually improve the look of the skin over a 6-12 month period.

You are probably asking how this technology works – after all, who wouldn’t be interested in a device that is the closest thing to airbrushing in real life? In terms of the fundamentals as to how this contemporary technology works, the ingenious eDermastamp is a vibrational stamping device which uses a micro-needling technique to stimulate tissues and thus encourage the skin to begin to create new collagen and elastin fibres. It directly penetrates the affected area of the skin with specially formulated ingredients, a key ingredient being hyaluronic acid. This ingredient hydrates soft tissues, giving the skin the fresh look you wish to achieve.

This non-surgical treatment should also be seriously considered by individuals who are looking to avoid dermal treatments which involve heat, as these types of treatments may burn the skin and cause the individual unpleasant physical discomfort.

Since the state-of-the-art eDermastamp uses fine needling as opposed to burning or coagulation, treatment risks are clinically proven to be dramatically reduced, leaving you absolutely nothing to worry about in terms of post-treatment implications. Also, this treatment is ideal for varying skin types and colours, making it available for anyone suffering from scar disfigurement or other cosmetic imperfections and looking to finally do something about it.

Control unit

  • Power switch on the CU
  • Compact and user friendly
  • Low in noise and vibration
  • Foot switch to avoid cross contamination while the treatment
  • High-end quality
  • Made in Germany

eDermastamp tip

  • Safety cartridge
  • Flow-back safety system
  • No cross contamination
  • Single use
  • Sterile
  • Reservoir for infiltration of approved drugs or medical devices

Based on the clinically proven reliance of this ace aesthetic correction technology, it would be wise for one to familiarize themselves with the incredible benefits of this optimal treatment option. Considering it is one of the most advanced and risk-free methods in the correction of a wide range of dermal imperfections, you should take advantage of the opportunity to change your life – after all, only one treatment will dramatically boost your confidence and make you look stellar. Book an appointment with us and your insecurities in regards to the appearance of your skin will become a thing of the past!

Starting Price: $379.00