Do you know how people use to say that “beauty comes from within”? Well, this is not just about how having good moral traits makes you beautiful, but also about how the right diet can have a visible impact on your skin.

During winter, we tend to eat more greasy foods, but, aside from the weight loss side effect of this, this type of diet also leaves clear marks on our skin. If we don’t eat enough fruits and veggies our skin dries up and fatty foods can cause acne breaks. If you want your skin to glow even during the cold season, try these winter diet tips:

Eat Fatty Foods that Are Good for You

Yes, this is possible; not all fats are bad for your figure and your skin. For instance, fatty agents from fish are filled with Omega-3, a great antioxidant that can also keep your cholesterol levels in check. At least twice a week, try replacing your steak with fish, especially salmon.

French fries may be the ultimate comfort food, especially during the cold season. But the combination of carbohydrates and fried oil can be devastating for your skin. We all love potatoes, so we’re not suggesting you cut them from your diet altogether. Instead of French fries, try baking your potatoes or even mashing them. Better yet, replace them (at least partially) with sweet potatoes. Trust me, you’ll forget all about French Fries when you’ve had a puree made of potatoes, yams and celery root – it’s incredibly delicious, hearty and healthy!

Eat Fruits and Veggies that Are in Season

Carrots, yams, potatoes, celery, or parsley roots – all these can make for wonderful garnishes. In the fruit department, you’ve got all those citric fruits that are not just delicious, but also brimming with antioxidants and fiber – excellent for giving your skin that healthy glow.

Don’t worry; things don’t have to be mundane. Ideally, you should eat your fruits whole in order to get the most of them. But you can always turn them into juices, smoothies, make fruit salad, add them to your morning yogurt and so on. The winter diet doesn’t have to be boring or dull!

Forego Chocolate and Choose Nut Mixes

From hot chocolate to Twix bars, we all crave those things that we know are bad for us, especially during winter. But did you know that if you eat healthy for no more than two weeks, your body will stop craving refined sugar? Try substituting your afternoon sugary snack with nut mixes, dried fruit or even raw fruits – you’ll forget about that Snickers bar in no time!

What about you? What are your tips and tricks for looking gorgeous this winter? Let us know in the comment section below.

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