Yes, autumn is here. While we may long for the summer temperatures, we also need to acknowledge the benefits autumn weather has, especially for our ski. No more acne, no more sun spotting and no more restrictions for treatments.

You can now finally get all the treatments you’ve been postponing, especially the anti-aging ones. A clear youthful skin is just a phone call away. But first, let’s take a look at our top choices for autumn anti-aging procedures:


Chemical Peels

Autumn is the perfect season for a chemical peel. Not only will your skin look and feel rejuvenated almost instantaneously, but this treatment will also help reduce the impact of the sun damage that affected your skin in the past few months.

As with any other treatment, the sooner you get it after sun exposure, the better. Our chemical peels are designed to accommodate every type of skin, so whatever your goal is, we can make it happen.


Non-Surgical Facelift

Unlike surgical procedures, the non-surgical facelift provides exceptional results with no associated downtime. Yes, it’s possible to simply walk out of our clinic after the treatment and go about your day as usual.

More importantly, the procedure is safe and pain-free. It’s also very quick – 30 minutes to an hour. By the way, how are you spending your lunch break tomorrow?

Compared to a surgical facelift that takes months to heal, a non-surgical facelift is cheaper and minimally invasive. It’s the perfect solution for people who want quick results and affordable prices.



Dermaroller is a form of non-surgical skin rejuvenation. And it is becoming more and more popular among women of all ages (including Hollywood stars!).

Dermaroller is an excellent choice if you have been experiencing loss of skin volume and saggy skin. With Dermaroller, the active ingredients are easily absorbed into your skin. Then, their job is to stimulate your natural collagen production. In turn, this plumps up your complexion, removes wrinkles and fine lines and help you look younger.


Not sure which of these autumn anti-aging procedures is right for you? No problem! We’d love to help you make the ideal choice. Contact us and schedule your FREE consultation with one of our doctors now. We’ll have a chat to learn more about your medical history and an examination to determine which of the treatments would suit you best.

You’ve got nothing to lose, but a lot to win!

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