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Taking time for a vacation, family trip or outdoor adventure doesn’t mean that you should take time off from caring for your skin. In fact, this is the time you should look at your best for photos and videos. You need to look your best for the upcoming selfies and group photos!
However, you don’t have to carry all your skin care arsenal. You may not be able to get a microdermabrasion on the road, but you can definitely care for the basics of skin care on the road.



With any outdoor adventure you’ll need to be mindful of the sun exposure. Whether you’re visiting one of the Ontario lakes, a Mediterranean island, the Caribbean or any other place, you’ll need a sunscreen. And no, not just during summer. UV radiation is strong during all seasons, so be sure to pack your SPF cream wherever you go, whenever you go.



Will you be flying towards you next adventure? If so, remember that the air in planes is very dry and, consequently, it will also dry your skin. Make sure to use your favorite moisturizer before, during and after the flight. Hydration is crucial for your skin care on the road.



Using public transportation in a new city, hiking on new terrain, flying and basking in the sun can leave your skin dirtier than usual. The best way to avoid the onset of an acne breakout or enlarged pores is to use tissue cleansers while on the go and never go to bed without thoroughly washing your face.



Serums are your best bet for excellent vacation skin. It has so many vitamins and high concentrations of antioxidants and nutrients, which are excellent for when you don’t have the time for your usual skin care routine. Choose the one that fits your skin type best and remember to use before complexion problems appear.


Eye Cream

The area around our eyes is the most prone to wrinkles and fine lines. Be sure to pack your favorite eye cream!


Apart from sunscreen, you’ll need a pair of sunglasses or shades to protect your eyes from UV rays. Sunglasses are also a powerful defense against squinting and eye strain.

Have Fun — The Best Kind of Skin Care on the Road

When you’re happy, it shows on your face. Plus, your skin gets that unique glow that no moisturizer can give you! Remember to hydrate (both internally and externally!), steer clear of the sun as much as possible and you’ll be in for a holiday to remember!

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