Now that the summer sun doesn’t shine so brightly anymore, you need to adjust both your lifestyle and your diet in order to match the new season and to prepare your skin and body for winter. The first two things on the agenda: avoiding weight gain and keeping your skin looking smooth and healthy. Here’s how you can achieve them both:

  1. Eat what’s in season

Just because summer is over, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of fruits and vegetables that you can choose from. You’ve got fresh apples, pumpkins, squash, sweet potatoes, parsnip, pears, elderberries and the list can go and on. The fall fruit and vegetables will not only keep your body healthy, but their lovely colors will also bring a great glow to your skin.

Eat your fruit and veggies as they are (when possible) or cook delicious creamy soups from pumpkin or root vegetables, cranberry chutney, bake your sweet potatoes and make delicious apple pies. The sky is the limit!

  1. Portion size is key

During the colder season, we tend to eat more than usual. Our body needs more calories in order to keep warm, but we tend to go over that limit and over eat. Make sure that your portions aren’t much larger than they used to be during summer.

Furthermore, you may feel the need to snack, especially on sugary or high-sodium treats. Don’t give in to these cravings – sugar and salt aren’t just bad for your waist line, they can also cause acne breakouts and make your skin look much older than it really is. Instead, choose healthier snacks – make apple or pear chips, bake pears and pumpkin, eat the fruits without any thermal preparation.

  1. Don’t forget about physical activity

It may not be as appealing to go running outside and you may not want to walk to work or outdoors anymore, but you’ve still got plenty of options. You can exercise at home (there are plenty of YouTube tutorials you can choose from) or go to a nearby gym. Want something more fun? Try taking aerobics classes, tennis or football lessons – turn any sport you like into a means to stay lean and keep your skin looking fresh.

What about you? What are your favorite tips and tricks for healthy living during fall? Share them with our readers in the comment section below.



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