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Ah, summer – the season when we can’t wait to throw away the bulky clothes and hit the beaches. For some, it’s also the seasons when they realize that laser hair removal could help them feel more confident and better in their skin.

But perhaps you’ve heard that laser hair removal during summer is not a good idea. Let’s examine the facts – the more information you amass on this subject, the more qualified you will be to make a decision.

Laser Hair Removal during Summer – the Cons

In order for laser hair removal to be at its peak efficiency, there has to be a big difference between the color of the skin and that of the hair. Black hair on white skin makes for the best candidates. This doesn’t mean that the procedure doesn’t work for other hair-skin color combinations. It just means that it will take longer for the desired effect to happen.

After undergoing laser hair removal, the risk of sun spotting increases. This is why you might have heard that it’s better to have it done during winter, when the sun doesn’t shine so bright.

Laser Hair Removal during Summer – the Pros

If you haven’t hit the beaches or a tanning salon yet, you may still be a good candidate for laser hair removal during summer, especially if you want this procedure done on an area of the body that wasn’t seen by the sun too much. For instance, you could easily undergo the treatment for your legs, back, face or even arms.

As far as steering clear of the sun goes, we always recommend you use SPF cream no matter what. This will give you an extra incentive to do so every day, even when you stay indoors. Plus, even if the sun seems less harmful in winter, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t affect your skin.


Bottom line: laser hair removal can be done safely during summer. Better yet, if you start your treatment now, the results will be visible in time for peak season. The results of laser hair removal can be seen within roughly a week from your first session. Thus, if you schedule your appointment today, you could have significantly less hair by next weekend. You just need to have refrained from plucking or waxing your hair in the past month.

Still not sure if laser hair removal during summer is right for you? We’d be happy to help! Schedule your free consultation and our doctors will advise you on the best time to start your sessions.


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