You’ve read a headline like this before.

And you’re thinking of what could we possibly tell you that’s new. Well, maybe it won’t be new, but it will definitely be based on A LOT OF experience. We have seen hundreds of women in their early 30s come to our clinic looking for the best anti-aging treatment.

Our first advice is always this one: have a realistic view of your skin. No matter how many store-bought creams you use, you can’t prevent the appearance of your first wrinkle.

But there are other anti-aging treatments you can use. And no, 30 is not too early for neither of them – quite the opposite.


Microdermabrasion is basically getting a new layer of skin. A fresher looking one. It is non-invasive and always our first choice for women in their 30s who have relatively few skin issues.

IPL Rejuvenation

3 to 6 sessions of IPL treatment are all it takes for sun damage to disappear and wrinkles and fine lines to reduce their appearance. The treatment is painless and very quick!

Laser Treatment

Instead of surgical skin tightening, you can opt for non-surgical skin tightening. Laser treatments are non-invasive, require no down time, are more affordable and have comparable results. Plus, they are ideal for younger skin, which makes this type of treatment very suitable for women in their 30s.


Peptides and Antioxidants

Look for them when you buy your next face cream, but don’t expect them to work wonders. The effects of creams are limited – mostly due to their application system. If the active ingredients can’t penetrate the lower levels of the skin, their effect is minimal and barely visible.

This is why, at VS Med Spa, we offer a lot of treatments for any type of skin and any age. Professional treatments are designed to help your skin absorb the active ingredients in the products we use and boost your natural collagen production.


Start Caring for Your Skin Today

The way you treat in your skin in your 20s and 30s is crucial for your look in your 40s and 50s. We always tell our patients that it’s never too early to start using professional-grade treatments and products.

If you’re still uncertain about which treatment suits your skin best, we’d be happy to help. Get in touch and schedule your FREE, no-obligations consultation now. Let’s reveal a new you!


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